Monday, 19 April 2010


So, there we were. Magnar holding the disposable camera, and me trying to push open the gates of the Marble Arch in London. He had to take a picture, and I had to try even harder, but they wouldn't open. Still, very nice architecture. I can't resist the barely white marble and black wrought iron ornamental thing going on. Still trying to figure out why almost everyone (including myself) seem to prefer ornamented and detailed surfaces to smooth and hard ones, I do think that the people who are writing about ornament in classical and traditional architecture defining a human scale, may have a point.

Look at the picture, and compare the width of the columns to my width, my hands to the triangles arranged in a circle to my right, the length of my upper arm to the blocks of marble stacked to hold up the columns, or my legs to the vertical and horizontal bands holding the gate together. Isn't there a relation of sorts to be seen that makes the architecture seem more familiar, something it's easy to identify with?

1 comment:

  1. So you didn't consider trying to open the doors together? Strength of two is always better than one.


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