Saturday, 21 August 2010


You know how all sorts of things can happen to you while you're sitting on the bus, a train etc. On Wednesday, I took the Bergen Light Rail, which was a very nice experience. On the way, we drove past a church that I had previously seen from afar and admired, so I decided to jump off and have a look at it.

Who thought I'd find Jesus?

The church, designed in 1963 by architect Tore Sveram and built in 1970, is a typically suburban church, with a park of some sort on one side, and a graveyard on the other side. There aren't any buildings next to it, just grass and trees and cars. The entrance is on the rear side of the church, so I had to walk halfway around it to get there. The door was open, so I went in and had a look (and took the picture below) through the glass and wooden doors that went into the room of worship.

A very special room, with natural light flowing in from the ceiling, and a granite angel as the altar piece.

Then, a lovely old church lady showed up, and I asked if I could come in, explaining that I was an architecture student who had an interest in these sort of buildings. She unlocked the door, turned on the lighting and told me some facts about the church (although she couldn't remember the name of the architect, ha ha).

I took some pictures, and suddenly I saw what I had captured. There he was! Jesus Christ!

In the baptismal font! He didn't say anything, but I was still impressed. I wonder if he was invited there by the architect or not. It'd be cool is he was, but creating that kind of an image must be extremely difficult. 


The ceiling was also amazing. There was something about the architecture pulling me upwards, I need to learn how to do that. The church has another name, "Ad astra", which is latin and means "to the stars". I could very easily imagine travelling up to the stars from a place like this. When the sun isn't up, the sky is represented by rows of light bulbs, which probably look very beautiful as well.

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