Sunday, 5 February 2012


Imagine the point when the screen is almost entirely filled up by the different pieces, because you're not really that good at Tetris. Imagine it's a city, and you're seeing it from above. Imagine that every piece is a block, with apartment buildings along the edges, and huge green common backyards in the middle. Imagine narrow streets separating all the pieces, and that the unfilled spaces are squares and parks.


  1. Are you sure this would become a fractal city:

    I'm not an expert in fractals, so I don't know?

  2. I think so :)

    Have you considered filing applications at some architecture schools this spring, Øyvind? We need architects with your level of engagement and energy, you know.

    1. Engagement, yes. Energy, ??? (I used one month just painting my office). Anyway, my big problem is that I'm not able to draw, I think my 13 months old daughter is better than me in drawing already. My engagement is because of her, because I see her world is full of anti-patterns.

      What is an anti-pattern? We just got published another essay at the PRI-blog by Salingaros, which gives the answer. But most importantly, his essay clarifies the importance of patterns of a future sustainable P2P-society (patterns and pattern languages are my greatest passion):

      - Peer-to-Peer Themes and Urban Priorities for the Self-organizing Society:

  3. By the way, according to this guy reading the Pattern Language makes you more qualified than four years at university:

    - Rebuilding America using A Pattern Language:

    I used less time reading A Pattern Language than painting my office!


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