Friday, 8 June 2012


Glowing in the afternoon sun of early summer lies the Telegraph Building in downtown Oslo, designed by the amazing architect Arnstein Arneberg and completed in 1922. Arneberg is especially known for using excellent craftsmen and employing long-lasting materials and great detailing, with this building being no exception. Built in a Nordic New Baroque style, with a granite facade of elaborate detail, an internal staircase of Norwegian marble and amazing metalwork, the Telegraph Building is an architectural gem that will brighten up the day for anyone who bothers to stop and have a look at it as they walk through the old neighbourhoods downtown.

As it so happens, this has also been the view from my office desk (I actually took this picture sitting in my chair looking out) for several months. I've had the privilege of working full-time as a volunteer for Skeiv ungdom/Queer Youth Norway, being a part of an amazing project about religion and homosexuality. I know what made the biggest impressions on me was everything we did in Africa, but I'll always remember this view and the people I shared it with as well. Thank you.

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