Thursday, 16 August 2012


Made by a friend of mine, I like how this video suggests that things are going in the right direction, and architects may have a role in finding the way.


  1. I'm sorry to tell that vertical farming is nothing but Towering Lunacy:

  2. I also find in revealing how modernists have embraced vertical farming, introducing the one vertical farm concept more outrages than the other, you can see some of them in the links I posted here:

    In this concept the modernists have for sure revealed themselves as anti-permaculture, as permaculture in contradiction is going down in the ground, where soil biology is the very essence. And using perennials with deep, deep roots going far down into the ground, releasing minerals from the rock deep down there.

    Vertical "farms" are nothing but arrogance for the life of the earth. But isn't this the very core of modernism:

  3. Here's a brand new slogan I just made up:

    While modernism is all about going up, up, up, permaculture is all about going down, down, down!

  4. So permaculture people don't like growing food in containers?

  5. Cool that you have posted the video! Did not notice it before now.

    Although I saw several statements and assumptions in the article "Towering Lunacy" that I think are wrong I´m not an expert in vertical farming, but I think one of the premises of vertical farming becoming really effective and environmentally is that expected new technology is integrated into it as well. I think a few of the points it makes are good, but I dont think any of these are reason to dismiss the idea of vertical farming as having great potential for solving our challenge of feeding more people (not that there aren´t other areas that have potential for helping greatly in this area as well). There is a good segment about vertical farming in the book Abundance, where they explain the concept, for those who might be interested (there might be equally good explanations to be found free on the internet as well, although I have not found them).

    Here is a video that explains the concept a bit:

    Whether or not vertical farming is ready to compete with "traditional" farming now I do not know, but my perspective is that we are moving towards revolutions within the areas of robotics, 3D-printing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and nanotechnology - and that these revolutions will change what is possible, effective, cheap and practical.

    Not sure if I will respond to any confronting replies to this comment, as I in the pursuit of managing my time more effectively am trying to become less like this:

    But again, cool that you posted the video :)


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