Friday, 16 November 2012


For reasons unknown, I've been listening quite a lot to this amazing song lately. However, as it has the the most boring music video in the history of the planet Earth (with no architeture whatsoever, except for a white void which I'm sure Le Corbusier would have loved), I'm throwing in a couple of pictures with designs for a Martian city, made by the brilliant visual artist Thomas Denmark:


  1. Today Ross Wolf has posted a slide-show of Le Corbusier in Russia:

    Ross Wolf is an admirer of Le Corbusier and hates permaculture, but I still read his post to learn how the enemy thinks. To beat your enemy you have to know him, you know.

  2. That's very interesting! Seeing the design for the Palace of the Soviets, I suppose we now all know the origins of the designs for Bergen's concert hall, Grieghallen:

  3. A bright observation of you! By the way, I wrote Russia, but back then it was of course the USSR.

    Yes, Ross Wolf has many interesting posts. It's just a pity that such a brilliant intellectual has chosen the wrong side.

  4. I just heard there will be a big exhibition about Le Corbusier in Stockholm this year. I might go there myself, to learn better to know my enemy, a man which influence can only be compared with that of Norman Borlaug:


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