Wednesday, 9 January 2013


In architecture, we talk about scale a lot. In my first year spring project, I added a tower to an already quite large barn that I remodeled into a house. The tower was twice as tall as the barn, and I was accused of not understanding the scale of the place.

This autumn, I've been working with urban fabric in a part of Bergen where the buildings and streets have very different scales.

I even have a book called "Scale in Architecture, and let's not forget the architect's scale!

The only problem is this: Every time someone mentions the word 'scale' (including yours truly), I immediately start humming this song. It's unstoppable. Help me.

PS. I love "The Aristocats" (and their house).


  1. It's a pity, but the last breath of the wisdom of appropriate scale vanished with Art Deco:

    The universal scaling law states that appropriate scale ≈ 2,7:

    I wonder if you learned about this law at architecture school?

  2. Haha I KNOW that my tutor will bring up scale tomorrow at my review of my opera house. I'm going to definitely remember the aristocats! Thanks!!


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