Friday, 1 March 2013


I recently saw this charming little film, which was compiled from parts of the old Moomin tv-series. I've always loved to Moomin universe, and not at least the charming wooden architecture that fills it. Thanks to my briliant and charming classmate Inga Hegdahl Eggen for suggesting the Moomin house!

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  1. I too love the Moomin architecture, the same does my daughter. There are NO flat roofs there, as the Moomins are Finnish. In Scandinavia you live in sheltering roofs! A roof is either to live in or to live on. In Scandinavia you live in the roof, in Greece you live on the roof. I only feel pity for Scandinavians wanting flat roofs, as they are denying both the nature of our climate and their own innate feelings, and are missing a deep aspect of what it really means to be a Scandinavian of hearth.

    My article on sheltering roofs can be downloaded here:


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