Sunday, 16 May 2010


Actually, my dream was about my class and I going to a house where we would slide up slides (!) past many different types of ice cream that we could buy if we pointed at them.

But this picture looked like it could have been taken in a dream, doesn't it? It was taken today at the University Botanical Garden in Oslo, inside one of the newly restored greenhouses. These 19th century buildings are build out of iron, brick, stone and glass, and use the thermal mass of the heavy materials to save the heat that enter them in day, and release it during the night. The restorations were executed in a very nice manner, with real stucco on the walls, lots of new beautiful and interesting plants and great detailing. Thanks to Gro Mette for showing me. Oh, by the way, the waterlilies on the picture are called Victoria waterlilies, and when full grown, are strong enough to hold little children.

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