Monday, 3 May 2010


1st May 2010, more or less known as the International Worker's Day, was celebrated in Bergen with a huge demonstration with red flags and great speeches, as is the tradition. One thing was new, though. As the first of what is hoped to be many similar events, the freshly started Bergen Guild of Guerilla Gardeners planted their first sunflowers in selected parts of the city, here and there with a company of poppy seeds and apple seedlings. This kind of action could be seen as a practical socialism of sorts, where people reclaim public land that isn't being used (kinda like the Diggers in 17th century England) to practice sustainable and progressive urban agriculture, enabling them to grow their own organic food close to their homes; or you could just see it as a way of making cities more beautiful and humane places of living. I guess I see it as both.

Photo by Anso

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  1. Solsikker! Jeg satser på at du holder oss oppdatert på hvordan det går med de? =)


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