Thursday, 4 February 2010


Aina, is there anyone finer

In the state of Carolina

If there is and you know her

Show her to me

Aina, with her Oslo eyes blazing

How I'd like to sit and gaze into the eyes of Aina (Wee!)

(Apologies to Harry Akst, Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young)

Aina is just as wonderful as she looks in this picture. With her 19 years she's the youngest girl in our class, but I think she's rather brilliant. Her projects are very thought-through, and I think that her half graphic designer education is very useful to her, as well.

Aina is extremely nice and friendly, so it's no wonder everyone seems to love her. I do too, of course. This was the blogpost about Aina the Architect Student.


  1. Så søt du er, Kristian!

  2. :) Du er meg en fin en Kristian. Veldig hyggelig skrevet og jeg er smigret over sangen. Blir veldig glad når du synger'n! Sees i svømmehallen i morgen til nye kråkeboller og annet. Klem


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