Monday, 1 February 2010


When I was younger, my highest wish was to go to Hogwarts, this wonderful, strange and brilliant place imagined by the eminent author J.K. Rowling. She described it as a castle, with sparkling windows in the night, a place with a hundred staircases (some of whom would go somewhere else on Fridays), doors that won't open unless you ask them politely, or aren't doors at all; just pretending. The school is a place where you get lost, because everything seems to move around.

The first time I visited BAS (Bergen arkitektskole/Bergen School of Architecture), I got a feeling of actually coming to this place. BAS is the architecture school with both a 5th floor and a 5 1/2th floor, its own deep-water quay, seven floors with an enormous ceiling height, a room called "The Cathedral" and a permission to paint the walls whenever and however you would like to. I knew I had come to the right place.

Today it's exactly five months since the first day of school, and my world will never be the same. I've already learned alot and met so many wonderful and skilled people, and in this blog, I will try to document my progress and experiences, while at the same time including things that hopefully will seem interesting to other people as well. Welcome!


  1. LOVE IT!

    Smask Angelica ;-)

  2. Fantastic! I wish I were at a Hogwarts comparable school... Sounds like a dreamworld!

  3. Thanks, both of you! Tell me if you want to come and see Bergen, Carly.

  4. The girl in Vienna19 September 2010 at 12:26

    Dear Kristian.
    The Harry Potter-feeling is the one I get at my new university as well. If you walk up a stair, it's not sure you will end up at the next floor, cause some stairs will lead you up one floor, others only half a floor, or maybe one and a half. So we have to pay close attention while climbing stairs. On our first day, our teacher lost her way while taking us to class, and we spent half the day looking for our classroom. The remaining days of my german course, it stayed kindly at the same place, but the first week I was allways scared where I would end up while walking the stairs this day...

    (And when I told this to a new British friend of mine, he said: yes, I know the feeling. HP was shoot at my old school...)

    Love, T.


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